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Square Gutter System
Square Gutter System
PVC gutter systems
PVC gutter systems
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STEEL gutter systems
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Hidden Gutter System
PVC roof soffit
PVC roof soffit
PVC roof soffit

PVC roof soffit

PVC roof soffit

KROP introduces the PVC ROOF SOFFIT (otherwise known as the roof soffit panels) to its offer

Details matter — and we know it! That is why we expanded our offer by a product that, next to the gutter systems, will complement the aesthetic finish of the roof, and above all, ensure adequate ventilation and protect the truss, rafters, and eaves structure against unfavourable weather conditions (snow blowing), protect against nesting of e.g. birds, and put a cherry on top of the roof offer of Blachotrapez.

The KROP offer has the ROOF SOFFIT made of PVC. This modern material has a number of advantages: first of all, durability of the material, resistance to weather conditions, no maintenance required, easy installation due to the lightness of the structure, and the possibility of adjusting the system to the preferred installation of the eaves roof outside the building. The soffit also allows you to install lighting that will emphasise the façade and shape of the building. A wide range of colours (6 colours) allows you to match the eaves space to the rest of the façade, and create an aesthetic roof finish consistent with the window frames, doors, gutters, and covering.

The KROP offer allows customers choose from the six most fashionable patterns and colours of PVC soffits. We have introduced three colours imitating a wooden finish: golden oak, walnut, and Winchester (light oak), as well as three colours that have been fashionable for many years on the market: chocolate brown, graphite, and black.
Estetyka i łatwość montażu
Aesthetics and ease of assembly
A set of elements of the SOFFIT system, which enables efficient and aesthetic finishing of any type of roof eaves. The designed system ensures simple and quick assembly, regardless of the selected type of development.
Trwałość i odporność
Durability and resistance
Regardless of the weather conditions, PVC provides an aesthetic appearance, resistance to mould and fungi — without the need for maintenance.
Lekka konstrukcja i sprawna instalacja
Light structure and efficient installation
The low weight of the PVC ROOF SOFFIT system (compared to steel and wooden systems) allows for efficient installation with additional decorative elements, e.g. lighting.
Nie wymaga malowania i konserwacji
It does not require painting and maintenance
PVC retains its colour and board pattern without the need for renovation.
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
The roof soffit does not contain lead compounds. We can recycle the material again.
Tested to the degree of fire spread (NRO).
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