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PVC roof soffit
Wood-like roof soffit panels
Wood-like roof soffit panels

Wood-like roof soffit panels

PVC roof soffit
PVC roof soffit panel

Wood-like roof soffit panels

A beautiful and exquisitely finished complete roof is not only a carefully arranged covering, but also properly selected accessories. To achieve a really elegant look, it is worth taking care of the roof decorations. The ideal solution is a wood-like roof soffit, which takes care of the equally important underside of the eaves of the roof. It covers the protruding ends of the rafters, which ensures a neat finish to the entire structure. The roof with properly selected soffits is a spectacular end result.

wood imitation

The combination of the timeless appearance of wood with the innovation of PVC material allowed for the creation of soffits that would suit the most demanding customers. A structure, which was carefully selected by experts, inspired by classic tree species makes the soffits perfectly imitate natural boards. By reserving the characteristic discoloration and texture of the wood, it gives a visually attractive finish for the roof eaves.

and high-quality PVC

PVC is a material that is perfect for people who value comfort and high quality. It does not require impregnation and maintenance works, and its lightness ensures easy installation. Wood-like PVC soffits are durable and resistant to harmful weather conditions, they are not covered with moss, fungus, and mould.

Components of the soffit

Full wood-like soffit
Full wood-like
Perforated wood-like soffit
Perforated wood-like
H wood-like mounting rail
J wood-like
mounting rail
J wood-like mounting rail
H wood-like
mounting rail
J wood-like mounting rail
Outer corner


Estetyka i łatwość montażu
Aesthetics and ease of assembly
A set of elements of the SOFFIT system, which enables efficient and aesthetic finishing of any type of roof eaves. The designed system ensures simple and quick assembly, regardless of the selected type of development.
Trwałość i odporność
Durability and resistance
Regardless of the weather conditions, PVC provides an aesthetic appearance, resistance to mould and fungi — without the need for maintenance.
Lekka konstrukcja i sprawna instalacja
Light structure and efficient installation
The low weight of the PVC ROOF SOFFIT system (compared to steel and wooden systems) allows for efficient installation with additional decorative elements, e.g. lighting.
Nie wymaga malowania i konserwacji
It does not require painting and maintenance
PVC retains its colour and board pattern without the need for renovation.
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
The roof soffit does not contain lead compounds. We can recycle the material again.
Tested to the degree of fire spread (NRO).
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