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6 features of steel gutters that deserve a closer look

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What features should a steel gutter system have? Here are the 6 most important.

Easy installation

The steel gutter system is designed with attention to every detail. A dedicated fastening clamp ensures easy installation of KROP STAL gutters significantly reducing the installation time and making all elements stable even during strong winds. The KROP gutter system is very intuitive, and only basic tools are required for its assembly and installation.


Dynamic and mechanical loads are reduced by the highest quality raw material. Steel gutters retain their properties and durability even during heavy rain, accumulating snow or strong winds. Additional protections in the form of a special fastening clamp ensure the entire system is stable.


KROP steel gutters are resistant to extreme temperatures and retain their properties in any conditions. In addition, the raw material is highly resistant to corrosive chemical substances and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

Bending quality

The steel is resistant to stretching and external forces (stress, elongation). As a result, the entire gutter system is protected against unwanted deformations caused, among others, by difficult weather conditions or maintenance works around the house.


The KROP steel gutter system fits all types of roofing. The durable material is suitable for any conditions, regardless of the region, architectural style or building facade. The product’s wide choice of colours and aesthetic qualities of the system meet the highest expectations of customers.

Long-term warranty

The warranty card confirms the highest quality of products and services of professional consulting, production and transport of the entire system. It is based on many years of experience in the roofing market and roofing consultations during the production stage.
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