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Square Gutter System
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PVC gutter systems
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PVC roof soffit

Checklist: PVC gutters

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PVC gutters are popular and considered to be an affordable solution. What properties should the system have to serve its purpose for years? Here is the list of the most important features.
  1. Excellent tightness - thanks to a multi-lip seal designed by Blachotrapez. It was developed with the participation of roofers and the best specialists. The solution provides tightness of joints between individual parts, protecting the entire system even during heavy rain.
  2. Lightweight - low weight of materials makes the installation of PVC gutters extremely easy. Lightweight material does not strain the structure while maintaining its strength and durability. PVC performs well when piecing of individual elements of the system together is required, e.g. on curved eaves.
  3. Resistance - to mechanical and dynamic loads. Rigidity of the material makes it resistant to impact and scratches. Thanks to the texture of the PVC system, any scratches caused by external factors are almost invisible.
  4. Easy maintenance - the PVC gutter system does not require frequent maintenance. The material retains its properties even in very adverse weather conditions, giving the confidence of choosing a durable product for years.
  5. Aesthetics - the PVC gutter system is fully resistant to harmful UV radiation. The material is resistant to discolouration and retains solid colours for years to come.
  6. Economical choice - providing optimum value for money. Aesthetic and resistance properties, as well as easy maintenance of the material make PVC gutter systems a safe choice at a reasonable price.
  7. Long-term warranty - durability and performance of the system are confirmed by a warranty card, supported by tests and consultations with roofers and the roofing market specialists.
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