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Square Gutter System
Square Gutter System
PVC gutter systems
PVC gutter systems
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STEEL gutter systems
Hidden Gutter System
Hidden Gutter System
PVC roof soffit
PVC roof soffit

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KROP system: A new look at gutters
Recognizable quality and innovativeness of the Blachotrapez offer were the starting point for the creation of a new product segment. We're constantly raising the bar. This is why we have expanded our technological facilities, as well as consulted professional roofers who showed us the best way to find a quick and easy assembling process. All this so that the new product may comprehensively meet the needs of investors, designers, and contractors.
The best guarantee
on the market
A comprehensive

Functionality at a higher level

The gutter system protects the roof surface, façades, and the area around the house, effectively draining rainwater. This is a guarantee of security which every investor and contractor deserve.
Versatile fit
We simplify choice for customers by offering two variants of KROP gutter systems in a new segment: STEEL, PVC, square gutter and hidden gutter available in a rich colour palette. Adjusting the gutters to the design and legal requirements has never been simpler. Investors can forget about compromises when choosing gutters.
Confirmed reliability
By creating a completely new product, we aimed at creating the highest standard in the industry. We chose environmentally friendly raw materials from our proven suppliers, who are the leading producers on the European market. Due to the multistage quality control, the materials are sure to provide, among others, mechanical strength, resistance to external factors, very good dynamics of work. The KROP system has usable properties, for which we offer even a 40-year guarantee.
Unique solutions
Consultations with roofers were an inspiration in identifying the most common mistakes and difficulties in installing gutters. The knowledge provided in connection with the company's market experience, and the research and development department involvement, enabled the creation of elements ensuring high tightness for both systems. Ultimately, we have obtained a comprehensive solution which offers functional, installation, and functional, as well as aesthetic qualities.
An international production standard
To propose a new quality in the gutter system segment, we have invested in the development of the machine park. The KROP system is created in a new, fully automated hall which meets the high requirements of international suppliers of raw materials in 100%.

A new dimension of assembly

We have managed to simplify the assembly of gutter systems. Basic tools and a little experience are enough to join all KROP elements. The order of works is almost intuitive. In this way, all around-the-house activities can happen much faster. This is the easiest assembly on the Polish and European market.
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