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Hidden Gutter System
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Hidden Gutter System

Fascia connector

It allows to combine the fascias into one unit by hiding the points of their connection.  The connector profile matches the fascia profile, which allows to achieve a coherent whole.
55 mm
207 mm

Fascia connector Sections

Najprostszy montaż systemu ukrytego na rynku
The simplest installation of a hidden gutter system on the market
Developed with master roofers and based on their best practices.
Special calculator for easy installation.
Regulowany hak maskownicy
Adjustable fascia bracket
It ensures the installation and leveling of the fascia regardless of the slope of the gutter system.
Estetyczna maskownica wzmocniona o grubości 0,7 mm
Aesthetic reinforced fascia with optimal thickness of 0.7 mm
Adjusted to the latest trends of houses without eaves.
The specially designed profile of the reinforced fascia ensures that there is no ripple effect.
Klasyczny montaż zgodny ze sztuką dekarską
Classical installation according to the art of roofing
Thanks to the use of a proven profile of KROP semi-circular gutter, the installation of the system runs smoothly and according to known roofing standards.
Profil maskownicy ze specjalnym zabezpieczeniem
Fascia profile with special protection
It prevents precipitation from entering between the fascia and gutter.
Pas podsufitkowy do klasycznego montażu w domu z okapem
Roof soffit panel for classic installation in a house with eaves
It allows an aesthetic installation of the soffit panel and the downpipe.
Szczelina wentylacyjna
Ventilation gap
It allows to maintain proper roof ventilation, thanks to the vertical adjustment of the fascia on the bracket.
Perfekcyjna szczelność
Perfect water-tightness
The proven solution for sealing and connecting the gutter to the downpipe (pipe connector with gasket), eliminates the risk of leakage in the system.
Sprawdzona wydajność
Proven performance
Using a classic KROP gutter system ensures efficient rainwater drainage.
Najdłuższa gwarancja na rynku
Longest warranty on the market
up to 40 years - warranty against perforation by rust for REINFORCED FASCIA.
20 years - mechanical durability warranty for KROP PVC system.
up to 10 years - guarantee of the system water-tightness during installation of KROP PVC pipe in the facade.
Gotowy pakiet materiałów dla architekta
Ready material package for architect
A complete library of CAD drawings ensures that the system may be quickly entered into the design by the architect.
Aplikacja ułatwiająca prawidłowy montaż
Application to facilitate correct installation
Special calculator to facilitate correct positioning of the hidden gutter system in relation to the roof plane.
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